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                  About Us

                  Home About Us

                  Company profile


                  The Headquarter was established in May 1996 with the shareholder background and technical resources from Tsing Hua University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. After over 10 years of constant striving, currently, the Headquarter has developed into one of the enterprise with highest power in the fields of industrial control, automobile, electric tools, air purification and filtration, and robot. Insisting on the operation orientation of high-end technology, high-end market and high-end clients, the company possesses 42 R&D engineers, 24 intellectual properties, 6 patents of invention, which keeps leading in the industry. The products of the company have occupied the domestic high-end market, and three subsidiaries are set in Shenzhen, Dongguan and Huizhou, which is providing all-around services for clients.

                  Operation Idea:
                  Technical Innovation, Products Optimization, and Quality Improvement

                  Promise on Quality
                  Working strictly according to the ISO9000 Quality Management System, and producing products which meet the requirements of laws, regulations and clients.

                  Social and Environment Responsibilities:
                  Our products adopt the substances which won't cause adverse impact to the environment, and we are periodically providing the Report for No Harmful and Toxic Substances which is verified by the third party, and we ensure that our products meet the requirements of RoHs Directives.


                  Company Lobby


                  ONLINK  Recreation area


                  ONLINK  Basketball court


                  Production base

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