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                  ONLINK latest newsReturn to listRelease time::2022-08-08

                  To enrich the cultural and recreational activities of the employeesLife, give full play to the team spirit of employees, and enhance the enterprise cohesion and pride among employees. On October 13, the company organized a basketball game, Anyu company vs Songshan Lake team. All departments responded positively and organized employees to participate in the competition one after another; The cheering team outside the stadium is even more enthusiastic, and the cheering and shouting make the atmosphere of the basketball match warm up. All the athletes, referees, staff and on-site spectators performed well. The staff actively did a good job in logistical support. The referees were impartial and selfless. All the athletes of Anyu truly gave play to the spirit of friendship first and competition second, showing their style and level.

                  After one and a half hours of fierce competitionHard fight,Finally, Anyu team defeated Songshan Lake team with an absolute advantage of 88:76 to win the game.Although we are close friends and colleagues off the court, we compete with each other on the court and do not miss any chance to score,The highlight of this competition is that the team members fully displayed the competitive spirit of Anyu employees, fully sprinkled sweat on the field, displayed themselves, and the team spirit of always striving for the first is worth learning from all colleagues present.

                  The basketball game not only enriched the amateur cultural and sports life of the employees, but also ignited the employees to participate in sportsEnthusiasm and confidence in sports. Let every employee who loves sports rekindle his passion for sports. It reflects the enterprise spirit that our company has always advocated to pay attention to cultivating the comprehensive quality of employees, and at the same time strengthens the enterprise cultureThe in-depth implementation of the policy has enhanced the friendship between employees and fostered the spirit of unity and cooperation. The game achieved the expected results. At the same time, the unique charm of basketball also showed the vigorous youth of Anyu employees.

                  In the future, the company will continue to enrich the cultural and sports life of employees and promote their physical and mental healthFrom the point of view, we will hold more and better colorful cultural and sports activities to enrich our corporate culture construction and promote the vigorous and rapid development of Anyu.

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